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Vidadish has designed a useful portion control system that is designed to make weight loss easier because lets face it, that can be a tough  thing to do in today’s busy world.  Whether it’s the last 10lbs, or an extra 50lbs you need to drop, we are here to help you succeed.

The  “Original  Plate Pack” is a great place to start. Our dishes are based on portion control, (smaller than your dinner plates at home, )and are sold together in meal and snack size, and are fitted with tight travel lids, perfect for  the office, or taking on the road.   They are measured, divided and labeled, so there is zero thinking on your part!

NO calorie counting, no measuring no point system! Just fill the compartments with the appropriate foods ( recipes  included in the 7 day meal plan) and your on your way.  You can be your own meal delivery service at a fraction of the cost! Losing weight has never been this easy or looked so awesome!

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Mom & Baby

Vidadish gives you the perfect template to make you feel confident you are providing you and your baby with all the proper food groups and nutrients needed.

Vidadish for Competition

Use Vidadish along your journey to excellence! It will help you build a platform of health, balance and nutrition.


Hard work should be celebrated and rewarded. Check out some of our happy customers who deserve some praise as they move forward in building a healthier, well balanced lifestyle!
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Happy Customers

Vidadish is such a great way to introduce a new lifestyle. It has really helped me focus on eating the right portion sizes and types of food. I used to eat 3 times a day, and this has made me focus on fueling my body before I am starving! I love the vidadishes. They are (more)
Lisa La Fauci Tsawwassen BC /testimonial/lisa-la-fauci/
I am a Firefighter and know all about big portions, at work there is no shortage of food, seconds and desert are the norm. I decided to try using the Vidadish set and eat all my meals from the dish, weather I took it to go our used it as a measuring system. I always (more)
chris_150x150 Chris McNulty Tsawwassen BC /testimonial/chris-mcnulty/
I have lost 80lbs over the last year, thanks to Vidadish. I bought a triple threat and cooler bag, I pack all my meals the night before, that way I am always prepared and it has helped me to minimize carvings and stop me from grabbing junk food where ever I go. Vidadish has given (more)
patty_3_150x150 Patty Wheeldon North Delta BC /testimonial/patty-wheeldon/
This product has been a huge help in my training. Working out and eating properly go hand in hand. I can take a meal with me wherever,whenever. I’m a stay at home dad and its hard to make time for myself to eat properly, all the time. With Vidadish I can prepare meals and just (more)
guy_2 Marc La Fauci Tsawwassen BC /testimonial/marc-la-fauci/