About Us

about-usKate McNulty has a degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia and is a certified Personal Trainer. She is also a fitness and figure competitor with a specialty in coaching clients to get competition ready in 12 weeks using her “Body Makeover Plan”.  She  is the authority  on shedding  weight post pregnancy, consulting in professional competing, and is an official expert in diet and weight loss.  She has dedicated her life to fitness and food.

Bonnie Barton has worked in the film and television industry for 13 years as a body double and actor.  Working 12 hours a day around catering and craft service taught her a thing or two about maintaining a certain acceptable weight, without always having time to hit the gym.   She eventually  worked in medical clinics, specializing in body contouring and non-surgical procedures, learning what sometimes cost thousands of dollars, doesn’t always show results.

When they finally met and started training together, they began discussing new ideas that followed the  importance  of portion controlled eating and how being prepared with the right foods on hand, can make or break your dieting success.  Carrying around multiple leaky food containers in your gym bag or purse can be really frustrating, as well as time consuming and unpractical.  So the idea of putting it all together, in a labeled, divided and spill proof container was born.

“It was really important that the product be made in North America and be BPA free ,of course. It had to be leak proof, because if your like me, you spend half your life in the car, and of course, we wanted it to look cool too!  Not like you’re  carrying around tupperware in a yoga bag.’

Eventually, it all came together.  A product that anyone can use, with very little thinking required, that goes where you go, and that works.  ”Its like being your own meal delivery service, except you’re not paying those crazy prices!” “Being thin does not have to be stressful or break your bank account. ”