What is it with all the fad diets out there?! I feel like they should be a thing of the past, that people have gotten smarter but new ones keep popping up and people keep getting on board. Don’t people realize they just keep gaining the weight back and then some.  The list goes on and on and on, some that are so drastic, and have people starving themselves and mutating their bodies just to be skinny! What makes people think injecting yourself with the pregnancy hormone is ever a good idea, plus going on 500 calories a day? Of course your going to drop weight like a sack. Your going to look like one too is a few weeks with a saggy neck. What happens when you stop this? what are you doing to the inside of your body? These people who are yoyo dieting and picking up on all the fads end up looking fatter and older rather then their optimal goal of skinny, fit and beautiful. Along with fads come trends! everyone likes to jump on a bandwagon it seems, like everyone always needs to feel like they are on something, part of some kick just to make themselves feel better. Why can’t people just go back to the basics? why can’t people just say they are eating clean, eating whole foods, eating to be fit and healthy. Is that not cool does that not fly in the world of trends? All of these trends like Wheat Belly, Gluten Free,HCG diet, Atkins, Low Carb, Low Fat, you really have to be your own advocate and take everything you read and hear with a grain of salt because fad diets don’t work! Here are the real rules for weight loss.  Everything in moderation people, you need all food groups in there best most pure form that is how we stay clean that is how we stay strong that is how we stay healthy!!! My favourite is when people use an allergy as a diet trend, Like all of a sudden everyone has a gluten allergy and a dairy allergy. I know it is real and I know it is out there and not saying anything bad about the people who really can’t have these types of food,but I can guarantee if most people went for an allergy test they would test + for an intolerance to these types of food, they are hard on the system and not meant to be abused or overindulged. Eat the healthiest whole grains and healthiest dairy sources and you will find health benefits from these. If anyone sat and at a loaf of white bread and a block of cheese they would feel bloated and lethargic!!!  Clearing your body of these toxins does feel good and purifying but again, eat clean and do what is right for you, not just because everyone else is doing it. Another classic trend that always gets me is cleanses. Wow lets do a cleanse to drop the weight, and while people are on a cleanse they are usually drinking shakes, eating fish, brown rice veggies and fruit. They are being supper clean, the whole idea of cleansing the system. Oh and not to mention shoving down a bunch of pills to make you sit on the toilet all day, along with other supplements that come with a cleanse that are usually filled with chemicals, fillers and preservatives. What kills me is people think the cleanse is whats  making them drop the weight and feel amazing, energized and focused. NEWS flash!  Its the lack of crap you are putting in your body, the non processed food, sauces, dips, fa,t and booze, the reason you are dropping weight and feeling great is  CLEAN EATING!  Remove the shakes, poo pills and chemical filled chocolate nuggets, they are not making you skinny!!! Save your money try those foods minus the over priced fillers, buy your self a high quality protein powder make your own shakes, pick up an apple and piece of fish and watch the same results take place. Get off the kicks and get back to reality. You are in charge you don’t need these trends telling you what you can and can not have!