The words “fat over 40” are almost everywhere now.

Declining levels of hormones often start early, even in mid to late 30’s. Sex becomes meh, your sleep is altered, ( never helpful for weight loss), you gain weight around your mid section, your hot, your cranky.  Oh, and dark hairs begin growing out of your chin!   Not sexy! No wonder we’re slightly more exasperated than normal. However, while I do agree that the metabolism slows down and the hormones start to decline, I think there are definite steps one can take to stop your torso from resembling SpongeBob Squarepants.

Giving Up the Grains:

While I still believe that whole grains are healthy and a great choice for a complex carb, when you are having trouble with hormones and age, you have to give the love for the grain, up or at least cut it out to only a few times a month. Fluctuating hormones and grains do not go together. The culprit is a molecule called gliadin which is found in wheat, rye, kamut, barley and spelt. This can drive your progesterone and estrogen to even new levels of crazy and cause a sever adrenal imbalance in some women. The  adrenals response  to grains is an unstable amount of blood sugar that will increase body fat, fatigue and unstable moods. The cortisol level eventually bottoms out, and boom, your belly begins to resemble your husbands. Give up to see your pretty manicured toes again.

Do Different Exercises:

When your brain is not operating on” high”( which is what happens during your late 30’s or especially post child birth,) the best thing you can do to confuse it, and get things moving in a different direction, is to change up your routine. When it comes to exercise many of us are creatures of habit or sometimes just afraid to do something that we don’t know. Regular workouts are of course good for you, but your body and your brain will reap huge benefits when trying new activities. Your body gets used to the same activity and it just becomes habit. Eventually that adaptation means you will burn fewer calories and your weight loss will be at a stand still, not being helped out at all by your very comfortable non budging hormone issue. If you love the treadmill, try the woods or swimming laps.  Not only will you enjoy the change of scenery, but you will enhance  your fitness levels and decrease that stubborn insulin issue.

Bio Identical Hormones:

The changing toxic planet, along with declining hormones, are a lethal combination when you are trying to stay thin. Why bio identicals? Because all methods of hormone replacement are not created equal, some can put you at heath risks and when considering hormones, you should always consult a specialist in this field, not necessarily your GP. Bio identicals that are crafted in a lab from materials derived from yams and/or soy are the most identical hormones possible to what your body produces. Hormonal health can be the key to losing weight for most women over 40.  Once you are able to find a balance, you’ll start to look better and feel happier. And yes, sex will be back on the table. Literally.