There really isn’t anything more daunting that starting a new eating regime. Your at the point where the scale is not your friend, you can’t fit into any of your skinny’s without over flowing muffintop, and you don’t even want to look at photos of yourself unless your wearing a serious set of Spanxs and your photoshopped up the ying yang. Yup, its time. Scary.  However, this time set yourself up for success when you change your eating habits for the better. Here are 5 easy ways to weight loss for good!  Fist step, go grocery shopping. Its difficult to eat better without actual food in the fridge. Thinking that you are going to grab something healthy for lunch at the office, or that you’ll have an apple when you get to work, is a recipe for disaster. You’ll have a latte, then grab a pastry, you know you will! You need to have an abundance of healthy food in the fridge and cupboards to start your day the right way, so you don’t give up on the first day.  That being said, THROW AWAY  the crap at home in your fridge and cupboards.  Yup, just toss it, don’t even feel bad, don’t think the kids or your significant other will eat it , don’t think “what a waste”,  just throw it away. If it doesn’t exist in your house, there isn’t much chance your going to go through the garbage later and get it. That being said, I may have actually done that once in the past, so take it right to the curb to be safe!! Plan ahead. Don’t be lazy. It takes 20 min to boil some sweet potatoes and bake a chicken breast to bring to work. Or buy a box of ready made salad at the grocery store and throw some dressing on it. Leave an extra 10 min in the morning for something to eat at home. Whether it’s a whole wheat English muffin with PB, quick oats,  or an egg, get something in your mouth so you don’t wander to the dark side around 10am. Now, do this for 4 days and you have officially started a new habit and gotten over the dreaded 4 day hump. If you can get to this point , I don’t know why, but everything seems to be much easier from then. You wont want to eat crap for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you will be seeing those scale numbers return to “friend” status once again. :)