So, I just read the “Wheat Belly” book to see what all the hubbub was about. I had to. Pretty much every time I went shopping or even stopped for a coffee somewhere, someone was trying to sell me something sans gluten. Whole Foods literally has complete sections dedicated to this practice and almost all of my friends were not eating anything that even resembled bread or even the hummus at Martini’s  anymore. “It has wheat in it” they’d say and turn up their noses in disgust as if the tiny rounds of bread offered before the meal was full of beetles.  This fad needed some research. It eerily reminded me of “fat free” in the late 80’s. You could pretty much find those words plastered on everything from cream cheese to cereal. Did it really make anyone less fat? No. It did not.  And we are all now aware that fat in our diet is as necessary as air is to breathe. So to wheat or not to wheat? Unless you have Celiac disease I say everything in moderation including whole grains such as wheat. Obviously when you cut out bread, and flour based foods like pies cakes and muffins, your probably going to shed a few pounds. However, the wheat grain is getting a bad rap and it’s not its fault. It was only a few hundred years ago that bread could literally feed villages of people to the point of keeping them alive and no one was fat or running to the outhouse with stomach pains. We can blame GMO’s for turning the wheat into a “Frankenwheat” so to speak, completely changing its molecular structure into something so foreign and cheap, that our bodies to have trouble digesting it after a few decades. There still are great wheat sources and whole grains are healthy. Check out an organic bakery near you, and if your still not convinced, there are an array of different breads to try such as  Ezekiel, Kamut and Sprouted Grain.  I personally am not giving up my bread occasionally. Especially when its loaded with organic butter. And don’t even get me started on dairy… :)