OK, so you’ve been practically starving yourself for 2 weeks, working out like Jillian Michaels everyday, and you stepped on the scale this morning with high hopes of grandeur. If your anything like me, you’ve even got a NEW number in mind! Ta da! With a big smile on your face, you look down, NOTHING. NO DIFFERENCE. Or worse, you’ve gained a pound. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How is that even possible? Well, there goes your good mood for the day. You might as well give up now and order eggs benny and wash it down with a milkshake. Talk about being discouraged. The Buddha himself would give up after all this; I mean how much patience is someone supposed to have with this whole weight loss thing anyway? Believe me I totally get it, you’ve never been more strict with your diet and workout plan, it makes no sense.


Well, we spoke to a few experts on this very conundrum and have come up with a few theories and facts that may not make you feel like shooting your scale. One of the things that seems to be key when your tracking your success, is taking photos of yourself (your “before’s” ) and measuring your body parts. This is an excellent method of your real success. Do your chest, waist, hips, thighs and arms. You only have to do this once with a floppy tape measure, and write it down somewhere. You may not be 5lbs less on your scale, but after two or three weeks of hard work, you may be buying size 27 jeans instead of 29’s, and that’s not a bad thing! Ask yourself, how do you feel? Stronger? Better posture? Is your belly hanging less over your jeans? How many inches have you lost? These are all wins, and an accomplishment to be seriously proud of. There’s nothing like finally being able to wear a sleeveless dress without arm jiggle, (even if your scale has become a traitor) or a tight fitting tank without muffin top. Your body composition is changing and that is a good thing! Screw the scale!


Yes, muscle DOES weigh more than fat. Even a little bit. This is a fact and one of the other main reasons you may not see those numbers decreasing. If it’s a matter of a few pounds on the scale, or the formation of an up and coming six-pack, I’ll pick the abs any day. Most of the time the reason the scale fluctuates, is water gain and depletion, not actual fat loss. This is a fallacy and does nothing for your actual body composition, long term results and especially, cellulite. In fact, constant yo-yo dieting and lack of weight training will just give you more of the dreaded cheese. When your looking for serious results and different looking body parts, you must add weights to your routine. This also puts your body in a continuous fat burning mode all day, something that a morning jog won’t do. Nothing works better for a dormant metabolism. But you don’t always see these awesome results on the numbers on the scale.


Still feeling you need more punishment? How much water are you drinking? Experts say 2-3 liters a day is mandatory when you are trying to lose weight. This is to flush the system of toxins, water retention, and waste that may be holding you back. Are your meal sizes too big? Its crucially important to say portion sized with all your meals and snacks via Vidadish. However, try replacing your lunch or dinner, with a protein shake for one week. Skip whatever you were going to order or make to eat, and have a veggie laden blender drink instead. This will also help get things moving a little faster, though you do

not want to go crazy with calorie restriction or skipping meals, it ALWAYS comes back to get you! You can also try adding 20 min of cardio to your morning or bedtime routine. A speed walk around the neighborhood, a bike ride, or skipping rope, You don’t even have to leave the house, just break a sweat, kick start your heart, and burn some extra calories. When all else fails, remember that you didn’t gain that extra 10lbs in a 2 week period, its not going to come off in 14 measly days. We are not 21 anymore, but that does not mean its not going to happen! It’s not uncommon to not see any results for 4-6 weeks. Truth. Every body is different. But if you can stick to your program, be diligent about doing exercise 4-5 times a week, it WILL happen. So don’t be so attached to the number on the scale. Be proud of the work you have done and the body that’s doing it. It will come!!