Kate with Vidadish 2

Personal Training

If you are struggling with your daily workouts and looking to change things up, get results with Kate. Personal training is the best way to reach your goals and take you to the next level safely and efficiently.

Product Description

Kate is a motivator for all her clients. Her goal is to unify body and mind helping you achieve a healthier way of life. Kate loves a challenge and works with a wide variety of cliental. Her specialty areas are weight loss, fitness at a competitive level, core training and functional fitness. Her workouts push you towards fulfilling your goals and achieving your dreams. Kate is a Fitness and Figure Competitor, who not only finds it important to challenge her clients, but is always looking for new ways to motivate and challenge her self.

Kate is a BCRPA certified personal trainer, also qualified in weight training, aquatic fitness and pre and post natal training. Aside from her certifications Kate is an accomplished graduate from the University of British Columbia, where she received a degree in Human Kinetics. She also has knowledge base in nutrition and can provide you with healthy tips to improve your diet. Kate will inspire you along your journey towards, creating improvements in all other areas of your life.