A few tips about ordering out in restaurants. Pretty hard to avoid the scene, and why would you want to ? You still have to live and be social. You don’t however, have to fall prey to putting those  pounds back on because your office staff or boyfriend, likes to eat out 3 times a week. Here are the dinning tips for weight loss and I’m certainly not going to say eat before you get there, because that is just plain ridiculous!! First off, lets start with the drink. If your having a cocktail, make it a glass of white wine and stay away from the Reislings, way too sugary. Another great choice is a vodka soda with lemon. And lets face it, you only need one of these unless it’s a major celebration. Like YOUR birthday. Alcohol is just going to make you more dehydrated, aka more bloated, so make your second and third drinks good ole H2O. When you order your food, unless you are somewhere they don’t speak English, pretty much any chef or waiter is going to do what you ask them. Try this. Instead of even opening the menu, just order what is on your diet plan. Ask for a lean steak with a plain potato and side salad. Or, a chicken thigh with brown rice and steamed vegetables. Don’t even look at the menu at all. You know what you need, so just stick to the plan. If you are ordering pasta because you are at some fabulous Italian restaurant and  you just cant’ resist, make sure that you take half home. Just think its one less person to cook for at dinner or a lunch you can take to work the next day. But there is no need to eat a full order of pasta anyway, you’ll just feel gross for the rest of the day and be inclined to fall off the wagon. That being said, desert shouldn’t really be on the menu Monday-Friday. It’s not special if its an  everyday occasion anyway.  When you need to indulge in your sweet tooth cravings, make sure there is  a reason, not Halloween,  and grab 3 spoons. After all, sharing is caring. :)