Krista Goncalves CHN,RNC



Product Review Alert!

I’ve been given the opportunity to test and review a rather unique product: Vidadish Portion Control System. This Vancouver-based, lady-driven company sent me their “original plate pack” pictured here.

I first discovered this product on my friend Tommy Europe’s website (also the creator of the nationally recognized “Shred Bootcamps”) and figured if my man Tommy was down with it, then it was worth looking into.

Ok, here’s what’s cool about this system……everything! Even the colours appealed to me – fresh ‘n fun. Being a Mom who’s constantly “on the go”, the lightweight BPA-free plates with tight-fitting lids worked into my routine perfectly. As a Mom, but also as a Nutritionist (and overall hungry gal), I’m someone who has food with me at all times! Again, these were the ideal vessels for my endless supply of travel snacks.

counting calories, no more!

As for portion control – the original idea for creating such a system, it’s pretty genius. The plates are appropriately divided into the 3 macronutrients: Protein, Carbs (Carbohydrates) and Fats (healthy ones, of course!). And by “appropriately”, I mean the amount allocated to each macronutrient is a reasonable, healthy serving size – taking all the guesswork, not to mention tedious calorie-counting, out of “how much should I eat”.

Ironically, I’ve always advised my Nutrition clients to imagine dividing their plates into a pie chart and this is exactly what Vidadish has done. Who knew we’ve been on the same wavelength this whole time?!

Author of the “Eat Clean” diet book series Tosca Reno first popularized the “cooler concept” of prepping & packing your healthy food wherever you go. Well, this is the natural extension of that. Plan it. Prep it. Pack it – in a Vidadish. They even have over-the-shoulder coolers to pack it all in too! Making healthy choices that are perfectly portioned, and shedding the pounds along the way – have never been easier.

Vidadish meditation girl

Vidadish = Vital Dish = Zen Eating

Ok, that’s the raving part of my review. The only part I can see that needs a little pep-talk is the meal plan. There is a 7-day mini-plan included in the plate set but it wasn’t very detailed. However, that’s what Nutritionists are for, right?

However, I think these innovative ladies did a great job in finding a niche in the otherwise overflowing sea of “weight loss products” – something that actually works and is also practical for other uses.

I have to say that I’m pretty excited to use my new “vital dishes” when my family takes the trip over to Tofino (Vancouver Island) in late Spring. These pieces are gonna come in really handy – I just know it. Road trip!!!