Krista Goncalves CHN,RNC

  Product Review Alert! I’ve been given the opportunity to test and review a rather unique product: Vidadish Portion Control System. This Vancouver-based, lady-driven company sent me their “original plate pack” pictured here. I first discovered this product on my friend Tommy Europe’s website (also the creator of the nationally recognized “Shred Bootcamps”) and figured if my man (more)

Baby Weight Gone!!!

When I found out I was pregnant with my first baby I looked to Vidadish to keep me on track and allow me to eat balanced meals without over indulging or over eating. Since having my baby I have used Vidadish to get me back into those skinny jeans and it worked!!! I feel great (more)

Lifestyle Change!!!

Thank You Vidadish for changing my lifestyle for the better! I use to drive through the Starbucks drive thru every morning and get myself some sort of baked good that I knew was not good for me. My lunch would consist of grabbing what ever was available and often takeout for dinner. Since having Vidadish (more)

Carmen Stewart TO

As a vegetarian, I’ve always  found diet plans difficult to follow  because they are all meat oriented. Vidadish is super easy  and doesnt really have a meat agenda, unless thats what your into .  Its all about the size ! You fill your dish with the suggested foods for each compartment, and your done. I (more)

Katie Anselmo BC

I gained a lot of weight with my pregnancy , and when I was ready, I started looking around for a new weight loss plan. I needed something that was easy to follow  that wouldn’t break the bank. I am constantly on the go, so sitting at home wasn’t an option for me and nor (more)

Linda West

I have always wanted to learn portion control but I was so used to huge meals. I didn’t think I could grasp the idea that my plate didn’t need to be over flowing or that I should eat more than twice a day. It was so easy! I’m 56, eat 4 smaller meals a day, (more)

The Perfect Packing Tool!!!

I love being able to pack my food in something that not only looks cool but is so functional and practical. I really feel good when leaving the house all day knowing I have all my food packed and can stay on track and not cheat!!! Thanks Vidadish Betty Rivers,

Vidadish has changed my Life!!

I have been struggling with weight loss for 5 years now, trying every new gimmick and fad out there. Finally I have found something that makes complete sense to me and has allowed me to drop the weight and keep it off!!! My Vidadish set has allowed me to go back to the basics and (more)

Marc La Fauci

This product has been a huge help in my training. Working out and eating properly go hand in hand. I can take a meal with me wherever,whenever. I’m a stay at home dad and its hard to make time for myself to eat properly, all the time. With Vidadish I can prepare meals and just (more)