Patty Wheeldon

I have lost 80lbs over the last year, thanks to Vidadish. I bought a triple threat and cooler bag, I pack all my meals the night before, that way I am always prepared and it has helped me to minimize carvings and stop me from grabbing junk food where ever I go. Vidadish has given (more)

Chris McNulty

I am a Firefighter and know all about big portions, at work there is no shortage of food, seconds and desert are the norm. I decided to try using the Vidadish set and eat all my meals from the dish, weather I took it to go our used it as a measuring system. I always (more)

Lisa La Fauci

Vidadish is such a great way to introduce a new lifestyle. It has really helped me focus on eating the right portion sizes and types of food. I used to eat 3 times a day, and this has made me focus on fueling my body before I am starving! I love the vidadishes. They are (more)

Dani Enskitis

Not only is the Vidadish plate pack great for helping me stay on track and lose weight but I find it great for packing my kids snacks and food in. My kids never like their food touching and the divided compartments come in very handy. I am also using it as a educational tool to (more)

Michele Ng

I think everyone needs Vidadish!!! when you see how easy it is to use and how fool proof weight loss can really be when you have the right tool you will never go back!!! I have completely changed my lifestyle and the way I approach food and look at eating. Vidadish has taught me to (more)

Courtenay Lot

I am a school teacher and packing lunches and snacks to last me all day is a big part of my life. I love that Vidadish not only has taught me about proper portions but I know that I am getting all the rich foods I need though out my day! It has been so (more)