Why It Works

18300071_sThere is a reason why everyone is talking about portion control and that is because it works! We’re going to fill you in on the WHY  it works and  HOW.

You  could eat the most nutritious ,low fat, low carb,  foods  all day long, and you will still gain weight.  Thats because the key to losing weight lies in keeping the metabolism  revving all day with smaller meals.   This  is impossible  for your body to do if  you’re skipping breakfast or only eating once a day.   Have you noticed that the skinny girls seem to be the ones who are snacking all day and not sitting down to huge mega meals?  Theres a reason for that! Portion Control!

Think  of eating  every 3-3.5 hours.  Meals and snacks. If you keep your  fire stoking with proper food, not only will you not  get hungry all of a sudden and  binge eat, your body will be burning  fuel at a consistent rate. We are high functioning machines after all and we need proper fuel to keep our bodies up and running all day.   This practice burns calories. Add some exercise to that ritual and you are golden. The weight will be dropping off so fast you wont have time to buy new jeans before you need another pair

Fad diets do not work in the long run and are impossible to stick to. The smart way to lose weight  and keep it off, is sensible portions.  It’s amazing the results you see when you train your body to do something different that makes sense. Vidadish Products have done all the work for you! Just by filling your new  divided and labeled portion control dishes with the foods  suggested in the meal plan,  you are on your way to a new life that involves a thinner, happier, more energetic  you!